Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Susan Goes To Disneyland: July 1958, Pt. 2

Susan was also kind enough to supply scans of the pages of the Souvenir Guide Book that she got on her first trip to Disneyland in July 1958. Most of the pages are presented below. As she remembers:

“I remember when we looked thru the Souvenir Guidebook and viewed Dreaming on page 26 we were so excited about the Haunted House and Submarine Ride coming attractions!”

This guidebook shows a number of fantastic and rare interior shots, such as this one of the Candle Shop:

and the Carnation Ice Cream Parlour:

Beautiful Rainbow Caverns; Knott's Mine Train attraction is about as close as you are going to get to seeing this today:

Progress moved quickly at Disneyland in 1958; in less than a year, the Viewliner featured in this book would be replaced by The Monorail. However, even today, an ultrasonic dishwasher sounds very high-tech!

CoxPilot, are you in this photo?

Some dreams come true, some do not...

Susan attempted to leave a comment yesterday, but was unable to do so. Therefore, I am passing this message onto all of you:

"Glad everyone's enjoying the photos. Many thanks again to Dave for featuring
them. These were Kodak Kodachrome Slides scanned into photos earlier this
summer. My brother's, Dick and Rob and my Dad, Lee too were so excited and
amazed at the vibrant color and clarity after 52 years of being stored in a
closet. I too am enjoying all the blog photos and stories here on Dave's
Daveland Blog. All his website links just unbelievable." After looking closely
again at some of the photos myself, the flowers on Main Street Plaza sure look
sparse...Certainly not the case today on any Disney property, that's for sure

Susan A. in Fresno, CA

MANY many thanks again to Susan for generously sharing this treasured memento!

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Wendie said...

This are really beautiful piece of Disneyland history,great post!!! really wonderful!

CoxPilot said...

No Dave, I'm not in that pic. That photo shows Keith Palmer on the left, Don Hatcher in the middle, and Bob Collins on the right. All three were working for Wen-Mac during this time, and I came along later when Cox took over.

Keith and I were high school best friends. His father had Frank's Hobbies and Toys on main street in down town Santa Ana. He got me the job with Cox at the end of my senior year at S.A. High, and the race was on.

When Cox took over, they dropped the helmet and the boots (thank goodness!). Those planes are all Wen-Mac products.

First time I've seen ANY mention of the flight circle in ANY Disney publication. Great stuff!

Major Pepperidge said...

These old guide books are great; back in the pre-eBay days, one of these could fetch $50 or more.

Love the concept artwork for Alice in Wonderland.

Connie Moreno said...

OMG, I hope she keeps this in a safety deposit box! What a TREASURE!

Thufer said...

This is just wonderful.
I love the description of Tomorrowland on page 3: such promising words.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan from Fresno, and you too, Dave.

Best regards.


Snow White Archive said...

Thanks for posting Dave and to you Susan for supplying this great piece.

The image of Walt on the cover is a rather nice one.

flyingwalrus said...

Thanks again for this great post. It reminds me of my first visit to Disneyland in 1958 when I left the park with this guidebook. Are pages 24 and 25 missing?
Really appreciate you posting this booklet.

Daveland said...

Flyingwalrus - Susan sent those pages at a later date; I just recently added them to the post and to my website.