Monday, December 05, 2016

Where's My Anchor?

Just when I think I couldn't possibly see anything new at Disneyland...when scanning this vintage August 1959 slide, I noticed an anchor on the Columbia. I had never noticed it before!

Pulling up this shot from October 2008...

I saw that yes, this anchor is still there! I had just never paid attention to it.

Flash forward to this 2015 shot.

Again, overlooked.

Looks like I need to improve my powers of observation!

More Columbia photos at my main website.


K. Martinez said...

That's the beauty of Disneyland. There are so many details that there is always something new to discover or something that went unnoticed before. Thanks, Dave.

Unknown said...

But did you notice that there are 2 anchors in most of those photos? :-)

Daveland said...

Len - I must be half asleep! No, I didn't! Thanks for pointing that out, too!