Tuesday, December 06, 2016

RIP Green Hornet

Van Williams, best known as Britt Reid, aka "The Green Hornet," in the 1966 TV show, passed away on November 2016. My apologies for just finding out! Here are some shots of him working out with Robert Conrad at what I believe is the Warner Brothers Studio gym. The things guys will do for publicity.

I wonder what direction the photographer was giving while these were being shot?

Here are some shots of Adam West and Van, promoting their blockbuster TV shows, "Batman" and "The Green Hornet."

Both casts and vehicles from the two shows.

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Fifthrider said...

Wow, Batman wheels on the Green Hornet's car? Looks like they put hubcaps on for the second shot but the car sort of looks better with Batman's wheels.

An enjoyable, but short-lived show. Van and Bruce made a great team.

K. Martinez said...

Just found out about Van Williams passing today as well. Loved both the Green Hornet and Batman '66. It was a great era for fantasy television.

RIP Van Williams

beachgal said...

No apology needed - his passing was only released in the news yesterday on the 5th. I never watched The Green Hornet - too old I guess. He's in my memories from Bourbon Street Beat and Surf-Side Six - I can still sing the theme song from the last one! I was almost done with college by the time The Green Hornet came on TV.