Thursday, December 22, 2016

Haunted Mansion Holiday Ride-Thru

To help prepare you for the upcoming holiday weekend, how about taking a spin through this year's Holiday overlay at the Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square? This time I only had the opportunity to ride it once, so I didn't quite get the coverage I typically do. Pardon the lapses in some of the rich details that abound!

The video effects in the elevator seem to get better every year.

It's always great to see Jack Skellington.

It was somewhat slow when I road it, so I was able to get this shot of the Portrait Hallway without any guests. Shocking!

Too much time in the portrait hallway forced me to rush into my doom buggy. No time to snap photos in the loading queue save one!

I caught my breath by the time I got to the corridor with Zero and the hallway of mirrors.

The Conservatory is the perfect shade of green at the Holidays.

Madame Leota needs to slow down; she makes it next to impossible to take a decent shot in the Seance Room!

Three of the cards floating overhead:

A nice panorama of the ballroom; I can almost smell the gingerbread!

Up in the attic there are fluorescent presents for days.

My name never makes the list up here.

I can't get enough of the Hatbox Ghost. Here are four consecutive snaps of the little devil.

Jack takes over as we bring it all home. Love the little pumpkin head light on the end of Zero's nose!

Sally is a very nice addition to the graveyard.

Still, I miss the harmony of the Grim Grinning Ghosts. The pumpkins just don't cut the mustard.

Oogie Boogie...just as obnoxious as ever.

Do I prefer the regular Mansion? Heck yes. Am I ok with this annual overlay? Sure...why not. A little bit of change is good, just as long as I know that the original is coming back in January!

More Haunted Mansion Holiday through the years photos at my main website.


Fifthrider said...

Once again, I'm astounded at the pics you get with no people in them. I realize this is probably the benefit of a photographer's patience and unexpected opportunities but to the rest of us it looks like you have the area to yourself. Well done on sequential pics of the hatbox ghost in the holiday overlay.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, Dave. I've never seen this overlay.

I admit I don't care for the Halloween version much. I'm too old to appreciate the Nightmare story. I've watched it several times and just don't get it.

Thanks for the post.


K. Martinez said...

I appreciate the holiday overlays. They provide variety and we still have the classic version return once the holiday season is over. You did a great job. Thanks, Dave.

zach said...

Great job, Dave. I can't be there this year so this was a welcomed substitute. My name didn't make the list either.

Dave Z

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the overlay will be made permanent once the sequel to NBC comes out. Also heard that Pirates of the Caribbean will become a Star Wars attraction, "Pirates of Coruscant," to coincide with an upcoming film which, I believe, the 5th Pirates installment will introduce. Something about "synergy" and lots of $$$.

– M

beachgal said...

Most of my memories of the HM are of the 60s when it sat there (seemed like forever) as that unrealized attraction I never thought would finally open!

Anonymous said...

Great pics Dave. Doubt I'll ever see it in person. Way too many guests in the park these days for me. Merry Christmas everybody! KS