Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sunday in New York on Wednesday

Feast your eyes on these vintage shots of Jane Fonda and Rod Taylor filming a scene from "Sunday in New York," circa 1963. The first image shows Jane lounging in a rowboat in Central Park.

Rod joins in the fun on the next frame. Is he dancing? Is he being awkward? Possibly making a move on Jane?

Rod is getting mighty handsy here!

Let's take a break from Jane & Rod and check out the gorgeous building in the background. Known as the San Remo, it opened in 1930 and was designed by Emery Roth.

Here's a current day view of this New York City landmark:

And while we're in the present, here's how the lake at Central Park where Jane and Rod were sailing looks today:

Back to 1963: it seems that Rod has switched positions with Jane in the boat:

Careful with those hands, Rod.

Jane does not look happy about their placement.

The people in the boat nearby are ready to help if needed!

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