Thursday, December 15, 2016

Disneyland September 1956

Another batch of black and white gems, this time from September 1956. You know it's the early years of the Park when you see the chicken wire fencing around the young plantings.

Look how bare the Park is; unbelievable. If only people knew how expensive it would be visit Disneyland in the future, they would have rushed the Park when it was affordable! Ah, the wonders of hindsight.

Check out the White Wings at the Popcorn Cart in Town Square.

In previous posts, readers have commented how much more realistic Main Street looked in the early years. This photo would definitely support that sentiment; you could almost believe that the Upjohn Pharmacy pictured here is the real thing!

We have to get closer for a better view! A Keystone Kop, vintage outfits...does it get better than this?

What?!? Nobody sitting in the Carnation Company Truck? Unheard of.

Names on the windows are nothing new; they existed way back when!

A contemporary shot shows that this window for Christopher Miller, Walt's grandson, has been virtually untouched!

Last one for today shows two lucky ladies climbing the steps to the recently demolished Fantasyland Skyway Station.

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Chuck said...

The "realism" of that wide shot of the Upjohn Pharmacy is enhanced by the aerial wire across Main Street. I know it was only used for hanging banners, but at this angle it's evocative of the power and telephone wires that criss-cross any real town's business district but are subtly missing from Disneyland's Main Street.

Fifthrider said...

As always, thank you for these amazing slices of time. Enough time has passed that its hard to remember you could pull up to the front of the ticket booths and drop people off. Now you can't get to that same space without passing a security check. So clean. So perfect. So un-crowded.

Anonymous said...

One of the great memories for me of Upjohn was the free samples of vitamins that I'd pick up for the family. They were very generous. Had an empty bottle around for years but it's now gone. KS

K. Martinez said...

Daveland is B&W heaven this week. It's like stills from a Mickey Mouse Club Newsreel. I can't remember seeing that "Town Square E." street sign before. Wonder if it's still there. Thanks again for an awesome post of B&W treasures.