Monday, December 12, 2016

Disneyland The First Year at Night: Pt. 1

This amazing collection of twelve night time shots documents Disneyland in its first year. I don't know this for sure but I would have to hazard a guess that the photographer was a professional, as these are well composed and pretty sharp, especially for evening shots. These are presented in the order that they were shot. The first shows a pretty young lady (who is in a few of the photos) taking a look at the Park from the Main Street Train station.

Down to ground level, we see City Hall.

Zooming in, it's hard to believe the lack of crowds and guests being able to just relax.

Walking down the street our photographer stopped at the Upjohn Pharmacy.

Let's zoom in for a peek through the windows. I see edutainment!

Standing under the amazing Upjohn street lamp, our young lass probably couldn't even begin to imagine that 60 years later there'd be a Starbucks across the street!

A straight shot down Main Street towards the Train Station.

A closeup view shows that a Keystone Kop is keeping guests safe at night. We need him back!

Last one for today takes us to the Castle.

More early (and contemporary) Disneyland photos at my main website.


DrGoat said...

Really nice. I'm feeling my age, (at 66), so I find these very nostalgic. Went to the park in '57 for the first time. Maybe some of my memories are in black & white.

Seymour Snodgrass said...

Thanks Dave! What is amazing is to see the buildings without the popcorn lights (the small lights that now rim each building). Great early photos!

Anonymous said...

These are great shots. Beautiful and unique. Good find.

Irene said...

These are beautiful. There is just something about black and white photos that a lot of people now days don't get. I first went in 55 and I sure wish now at 68 I had memories of my visits - I'd take them in black and white or color!

Anonymous said...

I'm also 66 and these shots sure convey a different time and place. It looks more 'real' than the 'slick' MS of today. Each shop was unique...even into the 70s when I worked there. KS

K. Martinez said...

I agree with KS on the buildings looking more 'real' than today's Main Street. What a wonderful find. I love B&W Disneyland and the Upjohn Pharmacy photo is a beauty! Glad to hear it's only Pt. 1. Thanks, Dave.

beachgal said...

Nice shots - I can recall Disneyland looking like this (deserted)in the evening hours, especially when the park was only open to a select group of business organizations. I used to often go when the park was closed to general admission and only open to maybe 5-10 select corporate groups. Never needed coupons for rides on nights like that -- the admission included all rides open for free. I pretty much stopped going in the mid 60s. I went once in the early 70s and once more in the later 80s so these sort of less crowded days are what my memories are. Of course, living in the South Bay, we could go over just about any time we wanted and thus, never went when it was a typical busy day - we could pick and choose and go often and stay for maybe just 4 hours.

Fifthrider said...

Okay Dave. When did you get a time machine? Clearly this photographer is you going back in time and getting awesome shots. Whoever this is had an eye for framing a short very similar to yours.