Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Angels Flight Today

On my most recent trip to Los Angeles, I made a stop at Angels Flight Railway, the little Railway that could (but not quite yet).

The two cars are currently frozen in time, waiting for the City to come up with a feasible solution that allows them to operate safely.

Such a beautiful little treasure here, it really is sad that they just sit here.

The ticket booth up top.

A shot of the inner workings:

Don't get dizzy!

As I walked back down to the bottom, a junkie sitting off to the side asked me to help him shoot up. That was a first. I just kept walking. As if things couldn't get more bizarre, I saw this:

Somehow, the City of Los Angeles has managed to connect the dots between Condors and Angel's Flight.

More Angel's Flight Railway photos (vintage AND current) at my main website.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it at least is being maintained in its arrested state (like Bodie). Considering other funiculars operate elsewhere (like Hong Kong and Bergen), it's a shame that our 'advanced - first tier' society in LA can't figure out a fix. KS

beachgal said...

Maintained Anonymous, sort of -- it had a ton of graffiti damage not too long ago.

beachgal said...

Never looked right here to me - I knew it in it's original location between Hill and Olive.