Saturday, September 20, 2014

Shirley and Gluten

This vintage photo of Shirley Temple was seen by the public when it graced the cover of LIFE magazine in the July 11, 1938 issue. It marked the first of three times that she was featured on the cover. Here's the caption that accompanied the vintage photo in my collection:


"My, it looks just like an ocean," exclaimed Shirley Temple as she swished her hands through ripening wheat in a field near Junction City, Kansas, June 14. The young film star is on a motor tour across the United States.

What the actual magazine looked like:

And a version I recreated using my publicity still and redoing the masthead and footer in Illustrator:

See more Daveland Shirley Temple photos at my main website.


CoxPilot said...

Great work on the cover. It's how I remember them when first on the stands. I like illustrator, remember Freehand being my favorite. Would love to se a series of reproductions.

Martin Turnbull said...

I never would have guessed yours was a recreation. Great job!