Saturday, September 06, 2014

Cross Roads of the World

Hollywood (and often California for that matter) is known for being a little wacky, kind of like that kooky aunt who you really like hanging out with because she's so much fun, even if she is a little eccentric. A little gem I finally got around to photographing is called the Cross Roads of the World, located on Sunset Boulevard.

A blend of Moderne and Old World Architecture, the architect of this 1936 complex was Robert V. Derrah.

I told you…just a little wacky. This pelican is located near the anchor building...

which was designed to look like an ocean liner.

Love this tile mural:

Of course the doors on the anchor building are the most brilliant red.

The original purpose of this complex was for it to be a mini world bazaar, with restaurants and merchandise from the four corners of the world. Thus, the name.

Today, it is used as a rather unique office complex for those in "the business."

Next time you're in Hollywood, check this little gem out.

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K. Martinez said...

I love all the different touches and eclectic mix of d├ęcor. Apparently the architect of this complex also worked on two other places in Los Angeles. The Coca-Cola Building on South Central Ave. and the Southern California Gas Company Complex on S. Flower St. Have you seen either of those?

It looks like you're trying out some new animation technique with the "Cross Roads of the World" globe in motion. I like it! Thanks, Dave.

Mark said...

Dave, thanks for these photos. They make me look at the details of DCA's Buena Vista Street and of course Disney's Hollywood Studios with a bit more knowledge.


Daveland said...

Ken - Haven't checked those out yet; more for my bucket list! And the "new technique" is just your basic animated gif.

Mark - Can't believe I forgot about that! I even shot them when I was in Orlando. Thanks for the reminder!