Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1959 Disneyland Celebrities Arrive

These 1959 images are unmarked, but using my powers of deductive reasoning, I am assuming that they are showing celebrities being welcomed for the gala June 14, 1959 new attraction unveiling at Disneyland. The first shot shows scary Mickey & Minnie deboarding the Pan Am plane, with conductor Vesey Walker front and center. On the right of Vesey is actor Jock Mahoney, who played the title role in the TV western series "Yancy Derringer" on CBS from 1958-1959. Next in the lineup are Mouseketeer Roy Williams and on the far right is Dick Simmons, who played Sergeant Preston of the Yukon on CBS from September 29, 1955 to September 25, 1958.

In today's second image, John Smith is signing autographs for his adoring fans who loved watching him play Slim Sherman, the lead role on "Laramie" from 1959–1963.

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K. Martinez said...

Beautiful images today. I love the clothing everyone is wearing. Especially Jock Mahoney in the first image and John Smith in the second. Very cool. Thanks, Dave.

tennessee charlie said...

wow. what a trip down memory lane. thank gawd I can relive some of those memories at you tube. how come we never appreciate the Good Old Days when we have them, we have to win until they're lost and only lingering memories