Monday, September 15, 2014

Carlsbad Beach Wedding

Despite living in San Diego for the last 15 years, this weekend marked my very first beach wedding! The groom is a coworker of mine, and his beautiful bride is pretty much the most adorable (and fun) person you would care to meet. So often, meeting a good friend's significant other can be a cringe-worthy moment; not with these two. They are well-matched and always have a great time at whatever they do.

The afternoon wedding was a scorcher; bottled water was distributed to the guests. Still, it was a lovely ceremony.

Keeping up with technology, the couple had a drone do a flyover to capture the momentous day:

The ceremony also included a blending of wines, to represent the couple and how they would be joining in life while still retaining their individuality.

A truly lovely symbol of what marriage should be.

The exchanging of rings:

and the moment when they are finally husband and wife!

The beach got a little hotter with their first steamy kiss.

The reception was held at the nearby Levyland Estate, just a few steps from the beach where the ceremony was held.

The couple was very creative and I loved how they let people know what table they were sitting at.

The kitchen was a beehive of activity for the caterer, Wild Thyme.

Vintage bottles from the family business were at each table:

Wine bottles served as table number displays:

The opening course: a tasty salad.

The first dance was a joy to watch, as the two impressed everyone with their steps.

Nope, he didn't drop her.

An "awwwww" moment during the dance with his mother:

The cutting of the cake:

There was no smearing of the frosting on each other's face, but it was still adorable.

What a lovely ceremony; here's hoping the unseasonable scorching temperatures of San Diego don't follow the two on their honeymoon!

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