Tuesday, September 09, 2014

1950's Disneyland Gems, Pt. 5

Welcome to Frontierland, where the transportation has four-legs, not wheels. Let's zoom in closer for a better look at the Stagecoach:

Can you imagine Disneyland being able to have this many people crammed atop a Stagecoach today? The Legal-Eagles of the Mouse House would have to work overtime for this one.

Over at the Rivers of America, we get a rare view of the top of the Mark Twain:

A closeup of the Wheelhouse:

The little red fire pails are still atop the Twain today:

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Major Pepperidge said...

I wonder if the pack mule photo was taken from the Natural Arch Bridge…?

JG said...

The first pic is very realistic looking, the vegetation and rocks, especially the Joshua Trees, are spot-on. Only the clothing of the visitors keeps it in the present day.

I wonder if these were real Joshua Trees or mockups? A mockup would be easy to do since these things are practically caricatures, but these look really good.

Thank you, Dave.


K. Martinez said...

Is the girl in the stagecoach wearing a plastic lei from Adventureland? It would have to be from one of the shops as Tahitian Terrace wasn't open yet.

Dave - I like your new Disneyland Photo Archive menu. Nice job!

Darryl said...

Or was it taken from the Mark Twain?

Daveland said...

Major - I think you are right; Darryl - I just don't think the Twain ever came that close to NW or this portion of the Stagecoach trail.

JG -Not sure, but they do look real!

Ken - Yes, it does look like a lei! And I have been doing an overhaul on my entire site. Thanks!