Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Clock of the World and Tomorrowland Signage

This image from approximately 1957/1958 shows the entrance to the original Tomorrowland and the iconic Clock of the World. I can't just stop there, though. You know I have to zoom in and pore over all the details.

Check out the outfits. By looking at this detailed area, we can tell it must have been a hot day. The one lady in the center is attempting to shield her head with the Sleeping Beauty Diorama Souvenir Booklet. The lady in the back appears to be wearing a black straw hat with flowers, similar to Mary Poppins. The little boy on the left in the Colonial Hat seems to be doing some kind of rope trick. I also enjoy perusing the signage, and seeing all of the attractions/sponsors/exhibits that are no more.

The cover of the Diorama Booklet:

Which you could get here:

and a closeup of the ticket signage:

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K. Martinez said...

So what is the purpose of the sphere on the Clock of the World that is covering part of Canada? It looks like it has two digits in it. Anyone know?

JG said...

Those folks are all ready for Dapper Day. The lady in the flower print dress especially.

Cool pics indeed.


CoxPilot said...

The small sphere contains the minutes. It looks like the time is 10:56 am. The big numbers would rotate as time passes, but the little minutes globe is stationary.

Unknown said...

Wow! The Sleeping Beauty walkthrough was a 'C' ticket? That's hard to swallow. I was just looking at some tickets the other day and couldn't believe some attractions ranked where they did.

It would be sweet if Disney made a 'Clock of the World' alarm clock!

K. Martinez said...

@CoxPilot - Now that's cool. It makes sense now that you've explained it. Much thanks for the info.