Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cruising at Disneyland, April 1958

A few colorful shots from April 1958 showing two gals enjoying a leisurely spin around Fantasyland's Motor Boat Cruise. This "B" ticket attraction was about a year old at the time these shots were taken. Note the red trimmed boat on the right is named "Alice."

Dig those yacht-club inspired outfits of the cast members!

Looks like this could be a Lucy & Ethel situation! I wonder if they knew that the boat was on a track?

See more Daveland vintage Disneyland Motor Boat Cruise photos at my main website.


K. Martinez said...

I loved the Motor Boat Cruise for the simple pleasure that it was. It also added to the energy that was Disneyland '59.

Why oh why did they have to take this out? I read somewhere it was the add an attraction, remove an attraction mentality of the 1990's. Apparently we lost the Motor Boat Cruise for Mickey's Toontown.

Now without the Motor Boat Cruise, Fantasyland Autopia load area, Skyway and PeopleMover, the area around the Matterhorn seems so static. Just the occasional monorail whizzes by.

CoxPilot said...

The wonderful thing about Disneyland of those times was that water was used in abundance everywhere in the park. Now the conservationist don't hold with over use of water, so you get dry, dull, and hot areas. Miss the old ways.

JG said...

I can only remember one ride on these boats for certain. Seems like I was in high school, and rode alone. Can't recall riding as a kid, but I'm sure I did. It was a very slow and quiet experience, the steering did nothing at all. Just drift along thinking of nothing at all.