Wednesday, September 03, 2014

1950's Disneyland Gems, Pt. 1

This undated batch of recently acquired 1950's gems are a collector's dream. Besides having maintained their color, the photographer obviously had a decent camera, as they still hold up when I zoom in for a closer look. I am doling these babies out slowly, so hopefully your patience is in abundance. Today I am featuring two of the Main Street Train Station. They both look very similar, but for the crazy collector in me, I had to have both. First up, we see that the magic number of 5,000,000 million guests has been reached and that the Kalamazoo Handcar is on display:

Why would I post this one, too?

Because it gives a nice view of the Disneyland flag waving over the station:

Today, other than the missing handcar, taller trees, and a little gold trim, the station looks very much the same:

Tomorrow, we'll take a look at the BACK side of the station.

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Unknown said...

Everyday I look forward to your posts. Great stuff, thanks

MRaymond said...

I like the old version of the Mickey floral arrangement. The new version just looks too freaky

K. Martinez said...

I'm really impressed with the pop/elev. sign zoom-in. Such clarity. It would've been cool if you cropped the "today" station image to more closely match the framing of the other two images. That way you could really compare the past and present.

As for patience in abundance, I've got that. Looking forward to more of these recently acquired gems. Thanks, Dave.

@MRaymond - I agree. The old floral Mickey was much better. The new floral Mickey also lacks the framing the original had.

Daveland said...

Thanks Mike - much appreciated!

Agreed on the floral…it just doesn't look quite as much like Mickey as the original.