Thursday, September 25, 2014

City Hall Fashion

This August 1959 shot gave me 4 (count 'em) detailed views worthy of a closer look. This trio of guests is standing near City Hall in Disneyland's Town Square. I was hoping that the lady in the center was a total Disneyland kook and that her dress was a homemade concoction with a Disney-related pattern.

No such luck. Still, it's an interesting vintage pattern.

The signage in front advertises the Disneyland Band, the Golden Horseshoe Revue, the Frontierland Indian Village, and The Gonzales Trio.

Parents must schlep on up to Central Plaza to East Plaza Street to find their lost kiddies.

Another dashed hope with detailed view 4, as there is always the possibility of seeing Walt around the Fire Department as he leaves his private apartment.

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K. Martinez said...

What a beautiful mix of red and white flowers in the Town Square flower bed (first image).

Fifthrider said...

Maybe no Walt, but still a great shot of the Bekins van and posters.

Darryl said...

Quite the dapper trio. Just a month after three new attractions opened as the posters in the background are advertising.