Saturday, June 09, 2012

Janet & Tony at Disneyland

Back to 1962's "40 Pounds of Trouble," we see Suzanne Pleshette enjoying a cig during a break in filming with director Norman Jewison (far left) and costar Tony Curtis (far right).

I love this shot of Pleshette, cigarette almost fully smoked, with a look on her face as if she is ready to ruin somebody's day. With her deep whiskey-soaked voice (laced with its share of nicotine), Pleshette always sounded like someone you wouldn't want to mess around with.

Meanwhile, Tony Curtis' wife was also visiting Disneyland during this time. Wonder if she was checking up on Tony & Suzanne? In this summer 1962 shot, I can make a few guesses based on the crowd. Most likely Tony is off-camera to the left, as the guests behind Janet seem to be taking photos of whatever Janet is looking at. Curtis is probably signing an autograph for a young fan. I am also going to guess that the gender of the photographer of this candid scene was male; he had no interest in catching Tony Curtis, but his lovely wife Janet...that's another story!

I love the geeky look of this adoring male fan; oh if only his own wife was as dreamy as Janet Leigh!

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Douglas McEwan said...

"oh if only his own wife was as dreamy as Janet Leigh!"

Or maybe he was thinking: "If only she were showering, and I had my dress, wig, and butcher knife!"

I had the pleasure of meeting Janet Leigh a couple times, and she was totally gracious, kind and bright, a joy to talk with. (I also met Tony, though in his case, not so much joy. Admittedly, it was only a few months before he died, and he was in a wheelchair and not in the friendliest of moods.)

I bought the DVD of 40 Pounds of Trouble some time back. If only the rest of the movie were as much fun as the Disneyland section,and if only the Disneyland section didn't play havoc with geography (Getting off the Monorail at the Main Street train station? On what planet?) and with where you can and can not go. (Run into the Rainbow Caverns, constantly leap over barriers, go in exits, etc., and you would be apprehended and ejected from the park fairly quickly.) And how did he obtain the Fantasia mushroom costume, and why did he wear it only until he was in full view of the guy chasing him, and then take it off, making it pointless to have ever put it on in the first place?

And a vendor selling souvenirs off a folding card table in the walkway up to Tomorrowland, and a normal 1962 phone booth there also? Again, what planet is this? It's not like "Well, what does it matter? No one has ever gone to Disneland, so who will know?" It displays contempt for the audience.