Sunday, June 03, 2012

Frank Jr. at Disneyland

For those (like me) still having difficulty with the concept that The Disney Company is replacing the historic Plaza Gardens with another Princess Meet & Greet, here is a blast from the past. Frank Sinatra Jr. is shown performing on the historic stage that will soon be surrounded by crass commercialism.

From the publicity blurb:

ANAHEIM, Calif., July 30—IN DAD'S FOOTSTEPS—The frail, young singer approached the bandstand in Disneyland Plaza and asked the Elliot Bros. if he could do a guest appearance last Saturday night. They said yes and he stepped to the mike and belted out the familiar Cole Porter tune "At Long Last Love" as if the famous songsmith had written it just for him. The singer—Frank Sinatra, Jr., aged 18. Frank Jr. may talk it over with Frank Sr. but the Elliot Bros. say they would hire him if his name was Joe Smith.

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K. Martinez said...

I’m sad to see the Carnation Plaza Gardens go too. Year by year, what was Disneyland to me is quickly disappearing. I used to go several times each and every year since 1963, but now the last time I was there was for the “new” Space Mountain. I guess I just became less enchanted with the place.

After nearly seven years without Disneyland, I’m finally going back in a few weeks. I’m definitely looking forward to my trip and am curious as to what I’ll think of the place now.

Anonymous said...

We will miss Plaza Gardens very much. Our boys have literally grown up performing there with school jazz bands. It had the perfect look for that kind of thing. It won't be the same performing in Frontierland (temporarily) and definitely in a princess themed looking area.

We got to hear Frank Jr. a couple of years ago at a party. Sounded just like dad. He had a great, huge orchestra with him, like the old days. A great treat and good to see him carry on the work of great music.