Sunday, June 24, 2012

A New DCA: Mad T Party

Inspired by Tim Burton's fanciful "Alice in Wonderland," is the current late-night entertainment that brings Hollywood Land in DCA to life. I didn't expect much from Electronica, and was pleasantly surprised. I expected even less from Mad T Party; it seemed like most had already written it off just based on preliminary concept sketches.

Once I walked through the mist screen, I was totally won over. The lighting truly transforms this area and the music coming from the band seemed to have a lighter more danceable feel. Instead of feeling like I'd stumbled into a rave (Electronica), it was like I'd just uncovered one heck of a fun retro dance party. For those that want the fancy drinks, you can visit the "Drink Me" bar:

The stage is incredible: the lights, the decor, and of course the funky costumes worn by the members of the band:

Meet Alice; I wonder if Walt would say that she lacked "heart" like his animated heroine?

The crowd loved the Michael Jackson "PYT" cover; what a lot of fun!

The Mad Arcade replaced Flynn's:

Short on time, I didn't venture inside, but it looked like there were skeeball machines inside, like the ones I used to blow all my money on at the Jersey Shore as a youth.

On a side stage, there were dancers sweating up a storm:

For those wanting a little high-energy fun after hours, I would highly recommend it!

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K. Martinez said...

I walked through this area and the arcade at night and it looked like a lot of fun. Unfortunately I didn't have any high-energy after spending all day at the parks from opening to closing. Definitely a smart move to keep Hollywood Land active a night. I'm glad they have DCA to put this type of entertainment in that would otherwise not fit at Disneyland. It's definitely turning into a great park to visit.