Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A New DCA: Inside Buena Vista Street

As promised, today's post takes you inside the shops and restaurants of Buena Vista Street in the recently unveiled DCA Entrance. Rather than harp about the crap on the shelves, this post will show the amazing detailing of the interiors themselves. Feeling like a snack? Mortimer's Market is the place for you. Fresh fruit, juice, and other beverages can be purchased at this little stand named after Walt's original name for Mickey Mouse.

Inside Elias & Co., I found this gem of an art deco medallion.

How about these vintage mannequins? If only they sold vintage clothes in here!

Recognize The Rocketeer?

Judging by the increasing amount of guests that I see at Dapper Day, a little vintage boutique could do a healthy business.

Inside the candy shop, this beautifully themed window adds the appropriate vintage flair.

A nice nod to the paints once used to ink the animation cels.

And the light fixtures...somebody get my heart medicine! Wowza!!

The Fiddler, Fifer, & Practical Cafe is just the kind of place you'd expect the family of the 1930's to grab a nice meal out.

The wooden booths and curtains are fantastic. I can't wait to eat here!

The abundance of stained glass is impressive; all so beautifully done. Craftsmanship at its stellar best!

NEXT UP: Buena Vista Street at night! Follow my Daveland updates on Twitter and view my most recent photos on Flickr. See more Buena Vista Street photos on my Buena Vista Street web page.


Connie Moreno said...

Awesome! I can hardly wait to go back and see it during the day.

Mr. Tiny said...

Did you see my picture in the F, F & P? I doubt that my ugly mug made the cut, but a bunch of us were used as extras for the photos around the restaurant. I'm hoping at least that I'll be able to see the back of my head or an errant hand or something. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to go and check it out soon. Thanks for the preview!

Daveland said...

Connie - Can't wait to read and see your report(s)!

Wacky - To be honest, other than snap a few photos, I didn't do much on the interior of any of the stores or was pretty crazy-packed! What were you doing in the photo? I'll make sure I look for it next visit!