Saturday, June 02, 2012

Screen Gem Saturdays: Happy (Early) Birthday, Rosalind Russell

In honor of Rosalind Russell's upcoming birthday, I am posting a photo from her 1942 on-set celebration.

From the publicity blurb:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Rosalind Russell, who celebrated her birthday (June 4, 1942) recently by working all day at Columbia in "My Sister Eileen" shuts her eyes to make a wish as she cuts the cake presented to her by Director Al Hall ad the cast. Left to right, Donald McBride, Shirley Temple, Allyn Joslyn, Miss Russell, Al Hall, Gordon Jones, Janet Blair and Richard Quine.

Shirley Temple was in between films, so apparently had some time on her hands. As shown in a previous post, she made the rounds at Columbia that day, visiting Fred Astaire & Rita Hayworth (filming "You Were Never Lovelier"):

Former director Alexander Hall ("Little Miss Marker"), who is probably glad that the grown-up Shirley is not sitting on his lap.

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Thufer said...

Rita Hayworth is just stunning.

K. Martinez said...

Loved Rosalind Russell's early films. Great actress. Very funny!

Todd said...

The Shirley Temple shots are fantastic...thanks!