Thursday, June 21, 2012

A New DCA: Buena Vista at Night

Just like Main Street and the rest of Disneyland, DCA's Buena Vista Street looks even more spectacular at night. The stained glass springs to life with a warm glow that draws guests inside just to see what is going on.

And the signage...oh the perfectly executed signage.

In this shot, I was able to capture gorgeous signage AND light fixtures. What could be better than that?

How about a recreation of the model for Rock Candy Mountain?

Guests at Disneyland came THIS CLOSE to traveling through a life-sized version of this in the Storybook Land attraction. Once Walt saw the model, he decided to leave this idea to the birds. Literally. And they ravaged it.

Just like Town Square at closing, I found it difficult to leave Buena Vista Street. Instead, I puttered around attempting to squeeze in as many shots as I could.

Let's not forget the Trolley! It's just as impressive at night. We can hop aboard and take a trip back to the entrance.

Back at the entrance, Oswald's Gas Station is your last stop for souvenirs before you leave DCA.

Today's post leaves you with the glow of a brake light from the vintage automobile parked in front of Oswald's.

NEXT UP: Carthay Circle Restaurant. Follow my Daveland updates on Twitter and view my most recent photos on Flickr. See more Buena Vista Street photos on my Buena Vista Street web page.


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walterworld said...

Thanks for the recon! Hope to visit the new DCA soon; looks like a big improvement.

Anonymous said...

That car is cool. This looks like it will be a lot of fun to see.