Monday, May 28, 2012

Another May Trip Report, Pt. 3

Happy Memorial Day! As promised yesterday, today's post will be heavy on the dark rides, beginning with Snow White. So on this patriotic holiday, just sit back and prepare to scroll!

Funky light fixtures!

Bouncing across the way to see Mr. Toad:

A magical trip with Peter Pan:

Rarely a long line with Pinocchio:

You can't let a night at Disneyland go by without at least a few shots of the Carrousel:

Hungry from all of the photos, we rewarded ourselves with ice cream sundaes at The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour:

The smiles on our faces show that the Firehouse Dalmatian Sundae is a winner!

The chilling conclusion of my 2nd May Trip Report will be posted tomorrow.

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K. Martinez said...

Again, these images are absolutely beautiful! A real joy to look at.

Major Pepperidge said...

Awesome, the next best thing to being there.

210Frwy said...

Daveland is one of the best rides on the Web.

Darryl said...

Dave...I really appreciate these pics, we spin through the dark rides to only catch a glimps of the's wonderful to be able to "stop the ride" and study the scenes. Two of my favorites are the "The Silly Song" in Snow White...and the cuckoo clock scene, in Peter Pan, great stuff. I wonder...does Grumpy's rump oscillate at the organ left-right-left-right...or simply in unison? I bet the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at WDW will be great!

Snow White Archive said...

Just stunning Snow White pics Dave. I'm on my way to WDW to snap some final photos of SWSA before it closes forever. I'm pretty certain they won't be as nice as your shots though.

Daveland said...

Oh how I wish I could join you to document the Orlando version one more time. There is so much about their SWSA that I like better than Anaheim's version. Do your best!