Friday, May 11, 2012

Trip Report, Pt. 4

With the sun down and the moon up, the three of us headed back to the Grand Californian to get some night shots of this beautifully done hotel. Michaela & Matt, 2/3 of the Tours Departing Daily team took a brief break from shooting and posed near the pool.

Right behind light fixtures comes hotel hallways.

As you can tell by the absence of people, it was pretty late at night when we were taking photos.

During the day, this type of shot devoid of guests would be next to impossible.

Here Michaela is lining up a shot:

...and the finished product:

Be sure to check out their photo blog; they publish one carefully crafted gem per day.

On the way back to Disneyland (yes, it was a late night!), the Monorail zipped through the courtyard of the hotel:

Back at the park, we were disappointed to see that the lines at Gibson were still long (the new queue seemed to make little difference), so we had to skip our sundaes.

To drown our sorrows out, we took more photos in the moonlight:

Posed while waiting in line for a few dark rides:

Went through the Castle Dioramas:


Any of you have the key to this door?

How to scare the bejesus out of little kids, pt. 1:

Fittingly, the last shot of the day was of Walt's Apartment above the Fire Department in Town Square:

Still one more part to go - hang in there!

See more vintage & current Disneyland photos at my Disneyland website.


Major Pepperidge said...

It's amazing that you managed to get such nice photos from the castle walk-thru. Fancy cameras have their advantages!

K. Martinez said...
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K. Martinez said...

Nice interior shots again. You just don't see interior images this good from the 50s/60s/70s. I agree with Major in that fancy cameras do have their advantages.

Anonymous said...

I tried my best to get interiors of the Grand Calif, but between inferior equipment, lack of skill, and being in a hurry, my results were weak.

Yours are the shots i envisioned.

Thank you for filling in my collection with such excellent examples.


Daveland said...

Major - It also helped that there were fewer people going through. I was able to take my time and do multiple exposures, etc. But yes - a good camera goes a long way in those dark hallways!

K. Martinez - It would be interesting to know if the lack of dark ride shots were because of camera limitations or people not really feeling the need to document them.

Thanks JG - much appreciated!

Rusty said...

WOW!!!! These pictures are absolutely beautiful. Oh, if only I could get a photo to look like these (sigh). Anyway, I absolutely love your site. Thanks!