Monday, May 07, 2012

Silver Banjo Serving Line

WE INTERUPT THIS PROGRAM! My TPE series will take a short hiatus as I catch up from my weekend photography excursion. Taking over 1000 photos can tend to put one behind. For today, I will post this rare interior shot of Don DeFore's Silver Banjo Barbecue Restaurant, which replaced Casa de Fritos when it vacated its original location on New Orleans Street. From the October 1960 publicity blurb:

Actor Don DeFore samples food served in his Silver Banjo restaurant in Disneyland while waitresses watch.

See more Disneyland Silver Banjo BBQ photos on my Silver Banjo web page.


K. Martinez said...

Rare shots of the restaurants and snack bars of Disneyland past are always great to see. This one in glorious black and white is awesome. I like this shot along with your “Chicken of the Sea” and “Casa de Fritos” photos. Now if only someone had a good photo of “The Space Place” restaurant.

Daveland said...

Did you mean the Space Bar? Or is there actually a vintage restaurant I am unfamiliar with?

K. Martinez said...

Yes, I meant The Space Place. It opened in the Space Mountain complex in 1977 along with Space Mountain, the Space Stage and Starcade. Redd's utilizes part of it now for dining. I loved that restaurant for it's atmosphere and multilevel spaces, especially the dining area overlooking the open-air Space Stage.

I've only seen a couple of pics on the internet and they're not that good. Images of it seem extremely rare to me.

Daveland said...

Another "new" one for me to learn about! I'll keep my eyes out for photos. Thanks for the education!