Thursday, May 03, 2012

Traveling Thursdays: Santa Monica

Welcome to Sunny Santa Monica, California!

This scene looks like something out of a Seurat painting.

Over on the Third Street Promenade (for all you crazy shoppers who can't get enough of the usual retail shops), I was still able to find a few cool things to shoot:

On my early morning run along the beach, I had to take my camera. Something about this brick stairway and its curves, the vintage light posts, and gnarly Eucalyptus trees called out to me.

The Pier looks best at night, with the ghostly glow of neon framing the signage.

There is also a vintage carousel here:

as well as signage denoting the end of the trail for the famous Route 66.

For a little art deco styling, The Georgian Hotel is a beautiful hotel to lounge, eat, and catch a killer view of Palisades Park and the beach.

The rooms are lovely, too.

The Ivy at the Shore is just down the street a few blocks, and a great place for fried chicken!

I don't know the story of this miniature animated bandstand, but it totally fascinated me:

For great italian food, La Vecchia hit the spot. The gnocchi was delish!

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Major Pepperidge said...

I was just down there last weekend! It was fun... crowded, but not too crowded. Just a good energy. Beautiful girls, my goodness!

I detect more HDR pix!

Daveland said...

Although the pier seemed a bit crowded, I am guessing it is much worse during the summer! And yes, Major - your detection is correct!

Lizzy Tex Borden said...

This is my home town. Santa Monica is where I was born and raised. Thanks for the photos...

JG said...

Hello Dave. Late comment on a great post. I spent a lot of time in SM in the 80's. I worked out of an office located on the 3rd St. Mall, so this covers a lot of familiar territory.

My Dad grew up in the LA area and he told stories of taking the Red Car from their house to the Santa Monica pier for a nickel (5 cents). Many moons, many buffalo.

I rode that carousel as a boy, and waited while my kids rode it years later.

On our return trips, we often stay at the Georgian. Great stories about the basement bar there.

A funny coincidence, the day I read this post with the picture of the end of Route 66, I was in Chicago, at the beginning of the Route.

I went back for a picture of the sign there, so you would have both ends of the line. Check your email.

As always, many thanks for the pictures of the favored places of my youth, distant now in space and time.