Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TPE: Welcome to Frontierland!

I hope you like Frontierland, because I plan on spending a lot of time here. And I do mean...A...LOT...

Why do I like early Frontierland so much? Because it looks so authentic. Real wood. Everything looks hand-hewn. Perfectly imperfect.

Here you can see the evolution of the plantings outside the front gate:

Were there accordians in Frontierland? Who cares...with the coon skin caps, these guys fit right in!

The Davy Crockett Frontier Museum:

This little girl couldn't look any prouder in her coon skin cap:

Inside the gate:

The Assay Office:

From the Mark Twain comes this overhead view, showing the short-lived Miniature Horse Corral:

December 26, 1955:

Zooming in, I can see that the "Wooden" Indian has not joined the Frontierland fun yet. Obviously, I will have to make a few trips with my time machine.

Vesey and Company play some tunes in Frontierland:

Looking towards the Twain...

you can see this signage. Again...hand done. No computers. Oh how I love it!

See more vintage & current Disneyland Frontierland photos on my Frontierland web page.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

YES YES YES - I like Frontierland a lot and I love your TPE series! "A LOT more" Heck yes, bring it on!

Thanks again for all the hard work Dave, each of these posts is like a special mini documentary, too cool!

Janey said...

I cannot wait to see more of Frontierland! Such fab photos!

Darryl said...

Nice. So the Davy Crocket changed from "museum" to "arcade". I wonder what each had to offer inside?

Benson Myers said...

The guy in the White Wing costume on the accordion player's right.. what is he selling? He's wearing what looks to be a cup dispense, and a coin-change-maker thing, and some kind of tank on his back. I've never seen this kind of cast member before!

Daveland said...

Benson - It's a water-dispenser:


Mark said...

I loved the old Frontierland, too. No reason they could not have had BTMRR and the Mine Train/Pack Mules.

Dave, ever been to Disneyland Paris? Their Frontierland is the best of all.