Wednesday, March 07, 2012

TPE: Central Plaza

Welcome to Central Plaza, aka "The Hub," because it was designed to be the heart of Disneyland...the central place that guests could meet and enter each of the different lands. "Let's meet at the hub..."

All of the vintage vehicles meet here after taking guests from Town Square. In this particular 1956 photo, you can see where the Matterhorn would eventually be built. I can understand why Walt would want these covered up!

During my vintage visit, there's so much I'd want to do here. First I'd need to get off the Horse-Drawn Streetcar...

Or maybe I would have chosen the Omnibus...I do love that double-decker view down Main Street!

I have to zoom in on this one; the House of the Future, the Hall of Chemistry, signage...oh my!

I would need a snack, so I'd grab a delicious bag of hot freshly popped popcorn:

watch the organ grinder and monkey in action:

I'd want to catch a concert at the original bandstand (before it got moved to Adventureland and then off-premises):

I'd want to make sure I got to see Trinidad Ruiz, the famous White Wing who helped keep the Park spotless.

Central Plaza also seemed to be the place the guests would most likely get to see The Keystone Kops play their vintage melodies. On the right is Bernie Flymen; he played sax & clarinet at Disneyland from 1955–1960 and in Desi Arnaz’s “I Love Lucy” band. Funny how this guest appears to be completely oblivious to them.

I would also want to be in Central Plaza in 1962 when the movie "Forty Pounds of Trouble" was being filmed with Tony Curtis.

More action for the Keystone Kops.

I'd have to make sure I visited during Easter so I could see the La Coquette balloon:

What a cool site from Central Plaza; I wonder if guests were allowed to ride in it?

I'd also want to witness the pageantry often seen in Central Plaza, like the parade that heralded the opening of the Alice in Wonderland dark ride:

And I'd want to see all of the hullabaloo that accompanied the June 14, 1959 unveiling of the Matterhorn, Submarines, Motor Boat Cruise, and the Monorail. Wow...what a year!

Vice President Richard Nixon was on hand with his family:

Disney and Nixon were long-time friends who were a mutual admiration society:

Our Horse-Drawn Streetcar may be heading back to Town Square, but we have new adventures to tackle on Friday! Come back for more!

See more vintage & current Disneyland Central Plaza photos on my Central Plaza web page.

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Benson Myers said...

I always love seeing snaps of Trinidad. Not unlike seeing snaps of Maynard today. They make Disneyland all the more special and magical.