Thursday, April 30, 2009

November 1959: In Living Color, Pt. 7

Scarf-gal loved Fantasyland; maybe she related to the princesses. Here she is, sitting outside of Sleeping Beauty Castle. A closeup shot shows the pained expression on her face (“Please don’t take another photo! I want to go to Fantasyland!”).

Just as she makes it over the drawbridge, photo-guy is snapping her again, this time outside Merlin’s Magic Shop:

Let’s get nosy and zoom in on the ladies to the right, in front of the spider-webbed window display:

Photo-guy allowed Scarf-gal to have the camera long enough to shoot him inside the Monkey Cage at Casey Junior:

Here’s the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant, before it got the Skull Rock Cove addition:

Scarf-gal gets in front of the camera again, while off to the left, Millicent is having problems with her girdle.

Scarf-gal is shamelessly trying to pickup a pirate as she laughs in the face of danger!

Not too much going on in the crow’s nest:

Anybody care to make a Tuna Burger to relive the glory days of the Chicken of the Sea Restaurant? Here’s a vintage trayliner from the park that has the recipe, submitted by Daveland reader Don Fisher:

Come back tomorrow for the conclusion of this series! See more vintage & current Fantasyland photos at my regular website.


Thufer said...

a real life functioning ticket booth through the gate. awesome.

PTA Transit Authority said...

I like the scarf lady. Looks like she was a lot of fun to be with. Absolutely great shot of the tuna boat.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I can see why this set ranks among your best, they really have a super "your there" personal feel to them. Love the ticket booth!

That "pained expression" is priceless.

And go easy on Millicent, that girdle has its work cut out for it! LOL!

Thanks DAVE!

Major Pepperidge said...

These photos are so sharp and clear, even your zooms are crisp. The closeup of the window reveals a "giant" magic set, skulls, and other stuff that I still can't quite identify.

Love the picture of the woman having a laugh with the pirate! So much nicer than the usual "look at the camera and smile" snaps!

Matt said...

Great picture of scarf-gal-with-peg-leg-pirate, but I think I could do without oven-warmed mayonnaise.