Saturday, April 18, 2009

1950’s BW Medley

From the same batch that gave us the Frontierland Shootout come these black and white images, starting off with Vesey Walker leading the Disneyland Band through Tomorrowland.

Over in Central Plaza, the Keystone Kops keep the music playing as they entertain nearby guests.

Love this last shot; the little girl is so enthralled with “driving” the Carnation Gurrmobile that she is not paying any attention to her mother. Mom wants to keep moving and is telling the little girl it’s time to stop!

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Major Pepperidge said...

I was thinking, the Disneyland Band must have marched through every "land", possibly several times a day... that's a lot of walking for an old timer like Vesey Walker!

Unknown said...

Thank you once again for posting two seperate pictures that show my deceased father-in-law, Bernie Flymen. It is a thrill to see photos of him that I haven't seen before. Keep up the good work.

Daveland said...

Barbara - You are welcome. I think I've come across another one as well. Stay tuned!