Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Disney Studio in Burbank, Pt. 3

Just a few more shots to round out this series, beginning with the Mickey Sorcerer’s Hat at the animation building, which is visible from the 134. I really love the deco-style silver letting above the doors:

The tree-lined avenue and benches make for a very inviting spot to rest, eat a snack, or feed Walt’s squirrels.

And last but not least, a shot of the studio water tank/tower:

Back in Anaheim...thanks to a new DVD that is about to be released (more to come soon on that) I learned about a Hidden Mickey in the park that is the only one to show Mickey’s entire body:

In Frontierland, the Celebration Roundup & BBQ has opened up for guests at the Big Thunder Ranch. And please do not think that these photos are an indication of how guests feel about this as a dining spot; they were taken at about 9:30 am, many hours before guests start making their lunch plans! Still, it has not been as successful as Disney had hoped, so it is in the process of being tweaked. Most criticism has been launched at the price, not the food. My friend Stacy & I thought it looked like a lot of fun and the food has gotten good reviews. We have put it on our list of next-trip to-do’s.

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Major Pepperidge said...

It always bothered me that no animation is being done in the classic animation building!

Big Thunder Ranch is sort of "off the beaten path", I wonder if that is one of the problems?

Unknown said...

The BBQ place looks great. I am glad they didn't totally Toy Story it up (I do love Toy Story, but...)!

Dave, will we see all of the Studio photos?

Daveland said...

David - I am sure you are correct about BTR being hidden; many of the guests probably don't even know about it being a potential lunch place unless they happen to walk by.

George - dang are you greedy! Here's the link for all the photos I took that day: