Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Disney Studio in Burbank, Pt. 2

Shots #1 & #2 show what’s left of the backlot...sorta’ like one side of Main Street. I’m sure there is somebody out there who can identify a few movies or TV shows that used these exteriors. “Dragnet” perhaps?

I had seen this signpost in Disney books and vintage footage of the Studio. I was really stoked when Disney Shopping released a replica of it a few years ago. I was even more stoked when it was heavily discount. Add even more stokage when I got to see it in person! Thanks to the fire hydrant below, this is known as Pluto’s Corner.

More Burbank photos tomorrow. Meanwhile, I took a detour to the park yesterday and managed to shoot about 300 pictures. Yup; it was a slow day for me. Must have been the 104 degree temperatures. Time to check out the Sleeping Beauty Diorama again, as the changing dress effect has finally been added. Now you can see Aurora’s dress change colors at the end of the exhibit:

Over at DCA, progress continues with the makeover. Mickey’s vintage face has been attached to the ferris wheel:

The retheming of the Boardwalk Games is now completed; I really love the look of the graphics and the exterior; it really makes the rest of the Pier look cheap and cheesey. I also like how they focused on some lesser known Disney animation in this area.

More to come tomorrow! See more Disneyland photos at my website.


Major Pepperidge said...

That corner building on what's left of the backlot was interesting... one day it would be dressed as a very convincing restaurant, another day it would be a store that sold Chinese antiques. The next week it would look like a clothing boutique or a small gym!

They also did plenty of filming in the "Zorro" parking structure, often you couldn't park on the top two levels because they were shooting "Alias".

I walked past the prop warehouse every day, and the doors were usually open, you could see all kinds of crazy things in there.

Hrundi V. Bakshi said...

Great shots Dave. Don't know if you noticed at Pluto's corner, but there are THREE paw prints in the ground by the fire hydrant. Yes, just three. = ).

Hope you got some shots of our new exercise facility across from the Hyperion building. I think they did well on the gym keeping a bit of the architectural style of the original lot (as opposed to the Michael Graves designed Eisner building and the rather non-descript Frank Wells building).

Keep them coming, your giving me ideas of maybe posting some of my Lot Shots on my never used blog.

Katella Gate said...

DCA is looking good, GOOD, G*O*O*D!

Now, let's hear no more talk about "Walt never wanted a boardwalk". I think he would have loved THIS one.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

300 pictures in 104 degree temperatures, you're a tougher man than me, I would have melted away... Awesome Studio shots, the street sign looks better in your photos than in person!

Daveland said...

Looks like I need to figure out a way to get back to the studio and photograph the 3 paw prints!

Unknown said...


The shots keep getting BETTER and BETTER!

Did you get cloes-ups of any of the windows?

Funny videos said...

The shots keep getting BETTER and BETTER!