Friday, May 01, 2009

November 1959: In Living Color, Pt. 8

This concludes your journey to November 1959 @ Disneyland. As a courtesy, Daveland will take you back to the Disneyland Hotel, where Scarf-gal is posing next to the succulents. Be sure to check out the classic cars in the parking lot in shot #2!

Even then, the landscaping at the hotel sure was beautiful:

Anybody familiar with the Coral Club?

Scarf-gal is all packed and ready to go home. Thanks for taking the time to visit the park with her; she sure appreciated it!

Come back tomorrow for some other special images in anticipation of my 1000th Post! See more vintage & current Disneyland Hotel photos at my regular website.


PTA Transit Authority said...

These are probably some of the best hotel pics I have seen. Like I said before, I like the scarf lady!

TokyoMagic! said...

This was a fantastic series, Dave....thank you so much for sharing it!

I miss the original DL hotel! There was something kind of magical about it before. Now it just feels kind of cold and sterile over there.

CoxPilot said...

An additional amenity at this time was the Coral Club which included a huge 45-foot by 75-foot completely tiled and heated swimming pool, wading pools for children of all ages, fountains, sandlots, and a cabana area. The pools were surrounded by lounge furniture for guests' relaxation and so that they might acquire a Southern California tan. One-day laundry and dry cleaning services were available, and a physician and nurse were on call. An 18-hole putting greens and shuffleboard courts were also early inclusions at the Disneyland Hotel Coral Club.

disneyland tickets said...

hi dave, these pics are so awesome. it resembles the pictures that my parents took of me when we were at disneyland during the 60's. i love how your pictures are such high quality especially coming from 59. keep up the good work!

walterworld said...

Bravo! Superb! (as usual)

Thanks Dave, can never get enough Disneyland Hotel shots...