Thursday, May 21, 2009

Disneyland, January 3, 1960: Skyway over Disneyland

Today’s post is a visual “you are there” trip on the Skyway buckets from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland. Many of the slides in my vintage collection document this trip. The first few shots show us Storybook Land, beginning with an image of Cinderella’s Castle high atop the miniature mountain.

Being able to look over the berm sure does break that wall of fantasy, and makes a somewhat strong case of why the Skyway had its share of detractors.

As we fly over the Submarine Voyage attraction, we know that our trip in the Skyway is just about finished.

If we hurry, we MIGHT just be able to catch that beautiful blue Monorail sitting at the station!

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Thufer said...

always love the view along our journey in the sky. thank you for 'lifting' my morning.

Major Pepperidge said...

I don't think many people complained about being able to see outside the berm from the Skyway, even though I do know what you mean. Tony Baxter said in one DVD commentary that he is trying to figure out a way to "get people up in the air again", I hope he thinks of something!

-idogcow said...

As a small kid, we rode the skyway every time we went even though it terrified me (thought we would fall off the wire with the slightest movement).

Can't say I recall ever looking 'over' the berm... too much Disneyland to look at!