Sunday, May 03, 2009

November 1959: In Living Color, BONUS 2!

It’s the big finish...really, I mean it! Back in Fantasyland, a very shadowed shot of the Carrousel, followed by 4 images from Storybook Land. The first is of Scarf-gal & Monstro, then two focusing on the Cinderella/Tremaine area, and the fourth from Pinocchio & Gepetto’s Village.

Now it’s REALLY time to say goodby to Scarf-gal. Thanks for the memories, and here’s a dusky exit shot to part with:

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Thufer said...

humm looks empty over at the storybook canal.

bye scarf girl, looks like you had a happy day at the park.
that parting shot of leaving the park in the dusk is in an odd way very reminiscent of some many glances back over my shoulder because I just did not want the day to end! not the greatest shot visually but stunning in it's capture of the moment.

Davelandweb said...

I know what you mean; every time I leave the park by the time I hit Town Square I begin to stall. I never want to leave!