Thursday, July 24, 2008

September 1958: The Jester

Today I am showing 2 shots (one previously posted) of Disneyland’s Jester, a character from days gone by. This first shot shows the Jester, circa September 1958, standing near the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant. 2nd shot shows the back of Jester Christopher Fair in front of The Castle, staring up at Annette Funicello.

And for more present day shots, here are a few from the new House of the Future, which is being more aptly referred to as the Innoventions Dream Home. There are a few nods to the original Monsanto House of the Future; one on the outside of the Innoventions Carousel, and one inside the attraction in the game area.

Tomorrowland collector geeks will drool over this huge model of the Moonliner, located in the TV room:

Overall, this exhibit was so-so in my opinion. I was immediately disappointed when I learned that it was being built inside of Innoventions instead of as a real home. As you walk through this exhibit, you never feel like you are in a real home; it has the feeling of a TV set, and is somewhat artificial.

Although it was wacky, plastic, and ahead of its time, the original attraction was truly a real home. You entered through a real door from the outside and walked through a house that had ceilings. Still, I have to admit that the Innoventions reincarnation was packed; guests were excited to mill about the rooms and touch the plethora of wall panels that controlled lighting, music, and more. Which brings me to another one of my gripes; this place was so overly tech that you got the sense of being totally screwed if you lost electricity. It might have been a good idea to incorporate some elements of sustainability rather than create something that is so chock-full-of electronic gizmos. I also could have done without the story of the Elias family (played by cast members) preparing for a trip to China; again, just a little contrived and artificial.

This room is one of the more popular rooms, with its mirror that can show you in a number of outfits...must be seen to be believed.

This room reminds me of the Dream Suite:

A nice big beautiful kitchen:

Obviously, this is a Dream Home, as it has been labeled by Disney (although it was originally announced as the new House of the Future in publicity), and something that the average schmoe like me could not afford. It was enjoyable for a one-time visit, and definitely an improvement over what has been in Innoventions recently. See more Innoventions Dream Home photos at my regular website.


Major Pepperidge said...

Christopher Fair told me that his brother took over for him as jester, I wonder if that could be him in the first photo?

Thanks for the pictures of the "Dream Home", I was curious to know what it was like. Is it supposed to change and get updated regularly? Because if it isn't, it will be a "one visit" attraction.

Unknown said...


Any cryogenics chambers in the Elias household?

I love the Monsanto reference. That is the coolest!

Daveland said...

Major - I don't remember hearing anything about updates, but I agree - that would be a good idea! On the Christopher Fair thing; most likely the first pic isn't the brother, as this Jester pre-dated Christopher Fair. Anybody out there able to ID him?

pixiegirltink said...

I just want to know what the heck he's doing in that picture?!

walterworld said...

That Jester has a bit O' The Captain in him!!!

Kevin Kidney said...

I'm not a fan of the Dream Home, I'm afraid, for the very same reasons that you list. But I'm tickled that you like the Moonliner Rocket model --I made that! It was a project Vladimir Petrov and I worked on for the opening of New Tomorrowland several years ago. Obviously someone brought it out of the warehouse. I was excited to see it being used again, too.