Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Luckless at the Los Altos

On my recent trip to LA/Hollywood, I drove by the Los Altos Hotel and Apartments. Hidden by trees, unless you know about them you would probably miss them as you drive down Wilshire Boulevard. Built in 1925, this gorgeous building has been off my radar for 11 years. As fate would have it, I was photographing the exterior and the apartment manager happened to be walking his dog. HE LET ME IN THE BUILDING AND GAVE ME A TOUR!!

Hoping lightning would strike twice, I took my time shooting the exterior, hoping lightning would strike twice after my 11 year hiatus.

The open front gate beckoned me in…

Yes, I was still entranced by this place. It’s beautifully vintage courtyard...

the lady in the fountain…


…and my weakness, historic light fixtures.

Unfortunately, lightning did not strike twice in this instance, so I only have some crappy photos I shot back in 2008 which was about 3 cameras ago. Sigh.

Anybody want to let me in?

See more Los Altos photos at my main website.

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Stefano said...

Bellisima. And bless the fullness of the Ficus, to envelope and seclude structures. I wonder what the rent is like, or the waiting list for tenancy. Every other room probably shelters a Norma Desmond.