Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday at the Falls

Another September 1964 shot taken by a guest about to travel under the thundering falls of Cascade Peak. No longer at Disneyland, this beautiful mountain became part of a deferred maintenance disaster and ended up being torn down. Here’s a previously posted shot from July 1963 of the Mine Train taken from the Mark Twain:

When the paths of two transportation sources crossed at the Park, it added a beautiful energy. Today, with the loss of the Mine Train, The PeopleMover, and the Skyway, this energy has been diminished.

Just look at those falls! From May 1963:

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Fifthrider said...

I hate to admit it but until now I never realized it went UNDER the falls at once point. I've seen hundreds of pics of the train going around Rivers of America but never did the math until now. I only remember it passing BY the falls so that's how I've always envisioned it.

Anonymous said...

On a hot day, and irrespective of the water quality, passing under the falls was so refreshing. Fortunately I had many an opportunity to enjoy doing so when I was the CM sitting on the tender. And so far...with no ill effects. :) KS

Matthew said...

WOW! Love these photos... and thanks @KS for sharing your story. "So far... with no ill effects." Classic! :)

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Chuck said...

I wonder if the pointing guest in the second photo is looking at one of the elusive jumping bighorns or mountain goats or whatever they were.

nick said...

What grand photos! That entire mine train area lives large in my memory. If Disney is looking for a third gate, maybe they can rebuild some of the old classics for us oldsters. And how about a Peter Pan flight with two paths through a more spacious ride building (like the old WDW Mr Toad)???