Friday, February 03, 2017

A Spin on BTMRR

As I am JUST getting caught up on a backlog of trip photos from the last year, I have decided to do a "best of" for Big Thunder Mountain. Hope you enjoy the journey!

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Anonymous said...

"We serve only the finest corn whiskey"

I do like this ride, the theming and attention to detail is remarkable and it's a fun coaster. I just wish we could have had it and the old Mine Train too.

Terrific pictures, Dave. I love how you got the goat to hold still for the portrait.


Chuck said...

Dave, these are awesome. What did you shoot these with?

Daveland said...

JG - The goat is very coachable.

Chuck - Some were my Nikon D4 and others were more recent so with my D5.

Sean and Kim Smith said...

Wow Dave, Impressive shots! Not an easy ride to take photos on.

Chuck said...

Great stuff! How do you secure your camera so you don't worry about losing it (or being ejected from the Park)?

Daveland said...

Chuck - It's called a camera strap!

Chuck said...

Whoa - the magic of modern technology! Will wonders never cease? :-)

I know BTMRR doesn't throw you around like some coasters do, but I would be too worried about losing my camera to even try it. Until now, of course.

Our local Six Flags throws people out of the park and slaps a one-year trespass exclusion on them for using a hand-held camera on any of their coasters (apparently, GoPros are fine). Of course, many of them flip you upside down and subject you to more extreme g-forces than Disney coasters do, so I get that from a safety perspective; I understand a D4 or D5 to the face from the top of a loop can be a fairly uncomfortable experience for the bystander.

Mark H. Besotted said...

Gorgeous stuff, Dave! Big Thunder isn't even in my ten favorite things, but today I wanna go. (Counting the days -- just 15 months till I get back there.)