Thursday, February 09, 2017

Miner's Hardware

My earliest shot of the Miner's Hardware store in Rainbow Ridge is from November 1956. Recently, I acquired a beautiful February 1958 image that allows us to see all kinds of vivid color!

TWO pot belly stoves for $6.75? What a deal!

Miner's Hardware lived on through most of the 70s (as seen in the image below), but when Big Thunder Mountain replaced the Nature's Wonderland attraction in 1979, apparently Rainbow Ridge no longer needed this store.

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Debbie V. said...

One of my fav memories - getting on the mule ride looking at the little storefronts. Jeremiah Colt - the gun guy?

Anonymous said...

I like the red kerosene lanterns. The stove selection seems to get fancier over time too.


walterworld said...

I think the same building remained post Big-Thunder, with a different name?

Need to check my old photos.

Thanks Dave