Friday, February 10, 2017

Inside the Bazaar

Vintage Disneyland slides are always thrilling to discover - especially when they show the exterior of an attraction, shop, or restaurant. Back in the day, most people didn't bother taking indoor shots because your typical consumer camera needed a flash to do the job, and even then, the results were less than spectacular. This is why I was pretty excited to add another Adventureland Bazaar interior shot to my collection. This first one is from July 1963, and shows that the wares are hand engraved solid brass from India. I don't think you'd see that sign on any of the merchandise sold at the Bazaar today.

This previously posted 3D image was undated, but most likely also from the 60s: is this other shot from the same batch:

Although the offerings inside have changed quite a bit over the years...

the exterior really hasn't.

More from the Bazaar at my main website.


Chuck said...

Interesting cosmic alignment today, Dave. Not only do we have a full Moon, a lunar eclipse, and a comet fly-by, but both you and Stuff From the Park are running photos of the Adventureland Bazaar within 24 hours of each other.

What are the odds of all of that happening? Should I buy a lottery ticket?

Debbie V. said...

I so wanted to find myself in the late 60's Adventureland photos on your website Dave. One of my favorite place to be.

Sean and Kim Smith said...

I miss that Bazaar with all of the fun trinkets from faraway places! So sad it's just more movie themed junk you could get at a Disney store. :( Thanks Dave for these wonderful trips down memory lane. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Smith's. There was so much 'adventure' in the Bazaar when there were a diversity of items associated with the land...not just Disney. KS