Monday, February 13, 2017

Just when you thought it was safe...

Yes folks, it's the return of SCARY Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Three new vintage shots to add to my collection, beginning with one of Mickey and Minnie from January 1959, hanging out in Fantasyland. The little girl in front looks like she's about to lose it. I think I would, too.

Even though this second image is from the 1960s, I think this particular iteration of the mouse costume might even be scarier. Instead of soft furry faces, you now have giant hard ones.

In this August 1961 shot, Minnie looks a bit more approachable; could it be the parasol?

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MRaymond said...


Fifthrider said...

Gets to work, opens browser, launches Daveland Blog.
Sees Mickey & Minnie costumes, spits coffee through nose, closes browser.
No more internet for me today.

K. Martinez said...

I love Scary Mickey and Scary Minnie! I also like Minnie's red bow in the first photo. They need to bring them back for a special "Limited Time Magic" event. Thanks, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Good golly, those are terrifying.

Minnie in photo one will haunt your dreams.


Matthew said...

Is Minnie wearing sneakers in the second photo? What the heck??!! Well in this case... a change at Disneyland was actually needed!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle