Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Temple Tuesdays: 1950s Shirley

Shirley Temple helps us usher in Valentine's Day with a color photo showing Director Mitchell Leisen zipping her up in one of the Don Loper gowns that she wore on "The Shirley Temple Storybook," circa 1957. The edge of another one of her dresses can be seen to the left. Oh, hey...here she is with Producer Alvin Cooperman wearing that very dress on set, December 1957.

But back to the original image, here are some detailed shots:

Here is her famous blue diamond ring that she received in 1940; currently estimated to be worth between $25-35 million. That sure would make a nice Valentine's Day gift!

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Unknown said...

Happy <3 day to you! In addition to the blue diamond ring, Shirley's wearing one of the bracelets in a lot of two that sold for $3K in December's Heritage auction!