Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Walking to Runyon, Pt. 1

It doesn't matter if I'm on vacation; I still rise and shine at the crack of dawn. My internal clock doesn't care if it's a weekday or a weekend; it's still ringing at 4am. This particular Sunday at the Chateau I started it off with a swim in the semi-heated pool. Emphasis on semi!

Ping-pong was out since I was solo this weekend.

But I could still enjoy the glow of the Gucci billboard on Sunset Boulevard that spilled over into the pool area of the Chateau.

After my swim, it was time to start walking towards Runyon Canyon. My goal was to view the sunrise from there and capture a few cool shots. Naturally, I had to stop along the way to take pictures, including this light outside the Bar Marmont:

and the Bar Marmont itself. The wind was whipping around like crazy; it was difficult to get a shot where the awning was showing the name of the Bar and not flipping up.

I haven't eaten here, but the sign is cool! Isn't that all that matters?

The Villa Rosa Apartments called to me; my hand was a little unsteady this early in the morning, so I ended up relying on a nearby trashcan to get the low ISO shot I was seeking.

On the way back, I captured the courtyard of this complex:

and the beautiful stained glass window at the back of the building:

St. Thomas the Apostle Hollywood Church also called to me. Not sure what it was calling, but it took me a few exposures to get the shot I wanted.

And then finally, I made it to Runyon Canyon, where the silhouettes of the palm trees made a lovely foreground to the background colors created by the sunrise.

See you tomorrow for more sunrise Runyon Canyon shots!

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N576BB said...

You are a very talented artist with a very keen eye. I always enjoy reading your daily post and seeing what photos appear. Thanks!