Saturday, December 13, 2014

Surfin' Saturday

I am always looking to push the limits of my camera (and myself) by trying new things. Firebreathing Ryan let me know last week that he and his friends were going surfing; sounded like the perfect photo shoot for a Saturday morning! Surveying the waves, the first three were not overly ecstatic about the prospects; they didn't quite match the surf report.

Here's the gang getting their boards out of the van. How Spicoli is that?

Even after getting the wet suits on and trudging out the boards, the waves had not greatly improved.

Still, everyone made a valiant effort to ride whatever waves were out there.

This is probably my favorite shot of the bunch.

One of the better waves that Ryan caught.

A triptych of shots that I took consecutively.

After a few hours, everyone came back to shore.

Overall, I was somewhat disappointed by my shoot, and not just because the waves weren't cooperating. Even with a 300mm lens, I wasn't close enough to the action. I was far enough out that the water was up above my waist and I was extremely nervous that my camera would get wet. If I plan on doing much of this type of work, I'll really need to invest in some water-proof camera equipment to get some more interesting (and closer) angles.

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