Sunday, December 07, 2014

Knott's Berry Farm: The Old School House

Another one of the better known structures at Knott's Berry Farm is The Iowa School. Ironically, it did not come from its namesake state, but rather from Beloit, Kansas. Instead, it achieved its name because it was built by a group of Iowa farmers in 1879 who had moved west. Photo #1 is from April 1956, followed by a vintage postcard shot.

A closeup of the poem on the wall. Enjoy!

The old school house was moved to Knott's in 1952, complete with its original furnishings. Knott's added the bell tower and bell; what school house would be complete without those?!? The next two shots are from my first visit to Knott's in 2010:

A detail of the blackboard, which seems unchanged from the time the vintage postcard was shot:

The next two are from my most recent visit in October:

It would seem that the men have taken over the school house.

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JG said...

There's a similar schoolhouse in Sacramento Old Town, right by the river. I think it might even be in it's original location, or not far from it.

Very similar old buildings in style and appointments. Definitely a different era in education. We've gone from teaching Latin and Greek in High School to remedial English in College.


Drone Diva said...

My Great great Aunt Nina Duden McAllister was the original school teacher at the schoolhouse. I would love to learn more if you have any other information.

Daveland said...

Sorry DD - that's all I know.

Unknown said...

My father went to school there in Beloit Kansas...had carved his initials onto the back of one of the chairs....RMD..(RALPH M DAVIS)

Anonymous said...

My grandfather went to this school. Ray Humphreys.