Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dining in Fantasyland, August 1960

This quartet of snapshots from August 1960 shows guests wearing souvenir Disneyland paper hits sitting near the Fantasyland Food and Refreshment Center. This color shot from June of the same year should help you get your bearing. Not sure if the walls with posters are construction walls or just barriers to divide Fantasyland and Frontierland. I am sure there is a knowledgeable reader out there who knows.

Back to black and white land…

Zooming in, it appears that they might be writing postcards to send home.

A better shot of the Food and Refreshment Center:

Are those phone booths in the back?

Somebody better explain to the youngsters what those are.

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K. Martinez said...

There were two of these food stands often referred to as "Fan 1" and "Fan 2" by insiders. I always knew them as the "Character Food Stands" per the little INA Disneyland Guide booklets handed out at the gates.

As far as I knew, those poster walls were just barriers/backdrops for the dining area. It was very similar to poster walls at the Carnation Plaza Gardens dining area where burgers and ice cream were sold. The other "Character Foods" stand was over by the "Alice in Wonderland" attraction. I doubt the poster wall was a construction wall, as it had been there for a long time.

Now maybe someone else knows different, but that's my recollection.

Unknown said...

The photos look like Fan 1 (currently the area by the Village Haus restrooms and Big Thunder Trail gate)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Chairs with no back support were very common in Fantasyland. In the close up photo, You can see telephone booths next to a castle-like wall. This area later had restrooms (maybe that was why there were construction walls?). You can also see the shade covering (which I don't think Carnation Gardens ever had) They used normal umbrellas.

Fifthrider said...

Look at the SPACE?! Look at how few people there are! Never mind the phone booths and walls, look at all that SPACE!!! People walking around with comfortable bubbles of personal space around them all. The only way to get a pic of Fantasyland that vacant today is if a vendor starts making dry ice bombs. ( Too soon? )