Thursday, December 11, 2014

Walt at the Studio, June 1941

This vintage publicity photo dated June 9, 1941, shows Walt Disney standing in front of the Studio that he built. The accompanying caption:

The Busiest Man Is The Boss

Complete relaxation comes to Walt Disney every day at the noon hour when he strolls around the paths of his studio at Burbank, Calif. In the background are some of the staff who helped produce "The Reluctant Dragon," the latest Disney feature-length film.

Although the backlot is gone, the studio and office buildings look very much the same today as they did when they were built.

Oh how I love the lettering above this door.

In other Mouse news, it was brought to my attention last night by a faithful reader that the use of the former Royal Court has been leaked/revealed. In an article written by someone who has od'ed on the Disney Corporate Kool-Aid, we discover that a Club 33 for the less-fortunate will be open in the New Year:

Not surprisingly, Herb Ryman's original art has been trotted out in yet another attempt to lend historic credence to what's going on. I think I smell a new fragrance in New Orleans Square: Desperation.

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K. Martinez said...

The Walt Disney Studios architecture is the best I've seen come out of the Disney company. Walt knew what he was doing.

Make friends with Kool-Aid... make Kool-Aid with friends!

Sounds like more revenue opportunity, which is why we haven't seem a frickin' brand new 'E' ticket in Walt's original park for almost 20 years. Sad! While I'm pessimistic about it, I'll try to keep an open mind until completion.

Fifthrider said...

My money's on them replacing the laundry on clotheslines with displayed merchandise, beach towels, shirts, etc.