Thursday, December 04, 2014

Walking to Runyon, Pt. 2

I made it to the top just in time, and was able to catch a few sunrise shots, including this HUUUUGE panorama view. Make sure you click on it to see it full-sized.

A few more:

If you know me, then you already know that I love photographing things that have gone to ruin, like this tennis court that has been taken over by the landscape.

HDR helps bring out the many colors visible at this time of day:

Another shot of the tennis court, which was supposedly used by Errol Flynn.

I wouldn't quite call it graffiti, but there are quite a few cool artistic creations that I noted near the Fuller Street entrance:

Words to live by:

You can see more of this artist's work on Instagram @calenblake.

The pink globs are a bit disturbing:

This trip, I discovered the Vista entrance gate to Runyon; always good to have alternatives!

More art/graffiti:

Homer Simpson and Runyon Canyon? Hmmmm…a strange combo to say the least.

I could have gone forward from the Vista Street entrance and done more hiking, but by this time, the peppered bacon at the Chateau was calling my name.

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Fifthrider said...

Your first few shots make L.A. seem nice. They also prove photography is an art. Well done. I love the sign on the gate "This area of Runyon Canyon is closed due to restoration work." Um,... I hope that work is progressing nicely? I'm assuming none has been done in quite a while. Grateful that you could get some shots of the tennis court. Nature sure has reclaimed that one.

Daveland said...

Bryan - I was so busy shooting I didn't even notice the sign! But I do think your assumption is correct; not a lot of restoration work being done!

Matt G. said...

Love those shots! The first few remind me of my twice weekly drive from Riverside to Glendale. I was never sure what the group of buildings in your third picture were. Beverly Hills? This post is making me even more excited for my trip in January!

Daveland said...

Hi Matt - The buildings could be Culver City, but I'm not sure. What's on your January itinerary?

Matt G. said...

Thanks, Dave! I never thought about Culver City. Disneyland, of course! I'll be performing at Shepherd's Grove Church in Garden Grove, that's the main reason for my trip. I also plan on hitting the Orange Empire Rail Museum in Perris. I'm not entirely sure where else my friend and I will venture, hopefully will make it back to Musso and Frank.

Daveland said...

I still need to check out that Museum; another one for my list. Hope you are able to make it to M&F; let me know!